Brake Calipers


Disc brake caliper assemblies are comprised of a cast iron or aluminum body, attachment bracket, piston, and friction material. The mechanism converts brake fluid pressure into a clamp force on the rotor, which slows the spinning rotor. Calipers can have either one or two pistons, depending on the braking force required to stop the vehicle.

Electric Park Brake (EPB) Caliper


The EPB caliper and actuator assembly provide the park brake function at the touch of a button in the vehicle. In a traditional park brake configuration, a pedal/lever and cables mechanically apply the vehicle’s parking brake. With EPB, the park brake is electrically commanded to actuate.


Critical performance features of the caliper include piston travel, residual drag, and braking output. BWI Group has a long history of designing and manufacturing brake calipers that optimize these performance factors for specific vehicle applications. Driver satisfaction issues, such as brake noise and pulsation, are addressed early in the design process to ensure customer satisfaction.


BWI Group has a wide range of disc brake calipers, with designs in both the single and dual bore configurations. The design portfolio covers the entire range of applications, from small car to large SUV. Aluminum, cast iron, and low drag designs are available in multiple piston bore and rotor sizes.